Vision and Values

Our school motto is: 'Dream Big. Challenge Ourselves. Make it Happen!' We remember this every day in everything we do.

The children have created a list of the values which are most important to us. We call them the Severn Beach Bees:

Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be Kind, Be Responsible, Be Respectful, Be Resilient, Be Proud and Be You!

We also have some key messages which help us daily. 'Pick me up don't put me down' and TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More!)


Severn Beach Primary is a school within CSET academy trust. All CSET schools aim to provide quality education in a caring environment;

At Severn Beach we aim to:

·         Be a preferred choice school with strong links to it’s community

·         Provide excellent academic outcomes            for all

·         Be an inclusive, happy and safe                      environment.

·         Deliver a creative, challenging                        curriculum, relevant to all children, their            environment and community.

·         Broaden children’s experiences                      beyond the familiar and develop                         enquiring, resilient learners.